Is WinaXe an XWindows Emulator for Windows ?

Q: Is WinaXe an XWindows Emulator for Windows ?

A: You may use it like an XWindows Emulator, but it is actually a PC X-server.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How I can copy and paste between MS Windows and X?

For using cut&paste functionality you must know, which the global cut buffer is used the X-application for this operation. You can found this in the manual for the X-application. For example: for "xterm" it is PRIMARY; for "DTTERM" -CLIPBOARD etc. Before operation cut&paste you should determine "X selection ...".

For example copy between xterm and WordPad:
- from xterm to WordPad for "xterm" window:
1) define X-Selection (Select Optonns -> XSelection... PRIMARY -> OK).

2) Pointer button one (usually left) is used to save text into the cut buffer. Move the cursor to beginning of the text, and then hold the button down while moving the cursor to the end of the region and releasing the button. The selected text is highlighted and is saved in the global cut buffer and made the PRIMARY selection when the button is released.

3) Move the pointer to where you want the text to be inserted, either in an MS-DOS-based or a Windows-based program.

For "WinPad" window:
In an MS-DOS-based program, click the MS-DOS icon, click Edit, and then click Paste. In a Windows-based program, click the Edit menu, and then click Paste (or Ctrl-V). You will see the selected text from xterm in the WinPad window.

From WordPad to xterm:
Before operation cut&paste you should determine "X selection ..." for "xterm" window (Select Options -> XSelection... PRIMARY -> OK).

For the WordPad window:
1) In the document that contains the information you want to copy, drag the pointer over the information you want to select.

2) On the Edit menu, click Copy (or Ctrl-C).

3) Move the pointer to the xterm window where you want the text to be inserted.

For the xterm window:
1) Pointer button two (usually middle) `types' (pastes) the text from the PRIMARY selection. Information about used selection of other X-application you may get from the corresponding manuals.

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