Is WinaXe an X Windows Emulator for Windows ?

Q: Is WinaXe an X Windows Emulator for Windows ?

A: You may use it like an X Windows Emulator, but it is actually a pc xserver.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of license system do you have? Do you have a floating license system? How does it control?

Yes, we have a floating license system. So you can install WinaXe to every PC, but WinaXe calculates simultaneous X Sessions. This number can't exceed the amount of licenses (users) purchased.

Each licensed program periodically transmits into the network a special broadcasting package. Each licensed program accepts these packages and counts up number of machines, on which these programs are running.

The number of machines should not exceed an amount of licences. The first program, which detect this excess, will be locked.

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