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Hi, we use DHCP at our site... Does your software support this? I'm interested because of setting the DISPLAY variable. We don't have fixed IP addresses for clients, therefore I don't host file the names or DNS them.

If any of users connects with LAN via DHCP, that means they don't have a fixed IP address. However in this case you can run X-client by using the "Startup" utility without modifying the .su file every time:

The XStartup facility (RSH/REXEC) understands the following macrosubstitutions:
- $(LOCALDISPLAY) - f.example:"/usr/local/X11/bin/xterm -d $(LOCALDISPLAY)";
- $(LOCALHOST) - f.example:"/usr/local/X11/bin/xterm -d $(LOCALHOST):0";
- $(LOCALIP) - f.example:"/usr/local/X11/bin/xterm -d $(LOCALIP):0";

In this case, you must use $(LOCALIP) macrosubstitution.

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