PC X Server - What is it?

PC X Server - What is it?


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False X Server Terminology

X Window System and Client-Server concept can be a bit complicated issues especially when adopted to Windows environment. It leads easily to false terminology. Often when people refer to pc x servers they use terms that describe quite well the use and functionality but are actually faulty if we take a deeper look at the  technology behind pc x servers. The following list of the terms that people use instead of pc x server has been collected from support requests that our support team has processed during the years:  xwindows emulator, xclient for pc, xserver emulator, xwindows client for windows, pc xclient, windows xclient, xterminal software, xclient emulator, xwindows client for windows, xterminal emulator, xemulator, xclient for windows, x windows emulator, x client for pc, x server emulator, x windows client for windows, pc x client, x client for windows, x terminal software, x client emulator, x windows client for windows, x terminal emulator, x emulator, windows x client. 

If you ended up to this page by using some of the above terms on search engine, you probably came to right page and web-site, we just wanted point out this terminology issue.

What is it then?

To say it as short as possible: WinaXe is a PC X Server. When installed on Windows PC, WinaXe makes it possible to open and use x clients ( applications based on x window protocol ) from remote host on windows desktop. If you want to use Unix or Linux on Windows desktop, WinaXe is the correct software for you.

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