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Is it possible to start simultaneously more than one X Sessions for example one for my Linux box and another for my Sun workstation?

Yes it is, but please notice that you have to use different Display Number for each X Sessions.

You can launch the X server (and begin X-sessions) with command line parameters:
xserver.exe -xini , where specifies a full path to the specific ini-file.

This feature allows you to simultaneously run several X-sessions each with its own ini-file (i.e., settings). In order to do so, you can create a new X-session shortcut (for example, in the WinaXe Programs' folder) and fill in the Target edit field in its properties with your command line parameters. By default, this field contains the X server's call without parameters, in which case the xwinpro.ini file will be used.

To create your specific ini-file, you can copy the xwinpro.ini file and then change parameters with the XSettings utility as you wish by starting it with the same command line parameters (see the section Running XSettings with command line parameters in chapter 7 On-line help). Note: simultaneously running X-sessions must use different Display Numbers.

You can specify the display number of the X server for the particular X-session from XSetup utility. This allows you to run several X-sessions with different Display Number (for example, several WindowManagers simultaneously). (In X11 documentation, the phrase DisplayNumber is usually used to refer to collection of monitors that share a common keyboard and pointer (mouse, tablet, etc.). To avoid confusion, each display on a machine is assigned a display number (beginning at 0), when the X server for that display is started. The display number must always be given in a display name). Each Display Number corresponds to the known Port Number of the X server (0-6000, 1-6001, etc.).

Note: When launched from the Run menu, the XSettings utility reads the same ini-file as the X server does. For example:

1) You copy xwinpro.ini file in xwinpro1.ini file.
2) create copy XSettings and XSession icons;
3) edit Properties of this icons:
a) for XSettings: Target ...\xset.exe -xini xwinpro1.ini
b) for XSession: Target ...\xserver.exe -xini xwinpro1.ini
4) edit XSettings "Display Number" - for example 2 (it is second display) and other nedding settings.

Now you can to run two XSession - first with display number 1 and second with display number 2, and etc.

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