Get Unix Under Windows - Install WinaXe

Get Unix Under Windows - Install WinaXe


WinaXe Plus
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This chapter describes how to install WinaXe from our www-site First of all, you have to download and extract the file.

1. Download winaxe.exe (self extracting file) to your hard disk
2. Execute winaxe.exe and select OK.


3. Choose Unzip. By default the files will be extracted to directory c:\xinstall.


4. After extracting the files choose OK. The setup procedure will start automatically.


As soon as the installation process starts, you will see a number of dialog boxes with instructions for each installation step. These boxes have three buttons. The Cancel -button quits the installation process. The Back -button returns you to the previous step. When you press the Next -button, the Setup program proceeds to the next installation step.

For the first installation, the steps are as follows (with the dialog's names):

1. Welcome

It is strongly recommended that you exit all Windows programs before running the Setup program.

Click Cancel to exit Setup and then close any programs you have running. Click Next to continue with the Setup program.


2. Registration

Here you can enter the Company name and the Person name.


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