Get Unix to Windows - Install WinaXe

Get Unix to Windows - Install WinaXe


WinaXe Plus
Installation Guide

Linux for Windows

Linux on Windows


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5. Folder Selection

Setup will add program icons to the Program Folder specified. You can type a new folder name, or select one from the Existing Folders list. Click Next to continue.


6. Information

Setup completed. WinaXe uses us.kmf (keyboard with US -settings) by default. After starting X Server, you change the keyboard mapping from X Settings.


You may run the installed program by selecting the program icon in the Programs menu.
It is recommended that you run the XSettings utility to make control settings


7. Exit Setup

If you wish to break the installation process and press the Cancel button, the Exit Setup dialog box appears. If you quit the Setup program, the package will not be installed. You can run the Setup program at a later time to complete the installation. To continue installing the package, click Resume. To quit the Setup program, click Exit Setup.

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