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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to make font size like 24 pixel? How to add fonts?

Q2: I can't get number from numeric keypad in the usual way!

Q3: Does your software support DHCP? We don't have fixed IP-numbers.

Q4: Is it possible to connect to a XWindows machine that is behind a firewall?

Q5: When I run a remote window manager like Afterstep, how can I call the menu, which is on a terminal at the left button?

Q6: How I can copy and paste between MS Windows and X?

Q7: When I run startup, I get an error message "can't connect to host"!

Q8: I am beginner with Unix. I started WinaXe, but all I can see is just a start up screen, then nothing. How to start X clients?



Q9: Is it possible to start simultaneously more than one X Sessions for example one for my Linux box and another for my Sun workstation?

Q10: How can I use startup scripts? I can find xterm.su file, but it doesn't start.

Q11: What kind of license system do you have? Do you have a floating license system? How does it control?

Q12: I have purchased a license and I have installed it to my PC, but it seems to be still demoversion, because it stops working after 30 minutes. What should I do?

Q13: We have purchased a license for 50 users. Do we have to install the license for every PC or is there some kind of multi-installation option available?

Q14: I have tried to install WinaXe, but all I get is the error message: "Setup is unable to run an intermediate file needed to proceed with the installation." "Error 105." What should I do?

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