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Linux on Windows


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You do not need much to open Linux or UNIX on your PC:
  1. Networked Windows PC 
  2. WinaXe Plus (or WinaXe) downloaded and installed
  3. Access to a Linux or UNIX host
  4. 1-15 minutes time (depending on your level of expertise)

Following tutorials will help you getting started. Just select preferred tutorial to view step by step instructions.

Tutorials are based on WinaXe Plus but they do apply to WinaXe as well. Please notice that tutorials are made on Windows ME platform and the host computer is running Red Hat Linux 7.3. However these tutorials should give you very good understanding even if your environment is different. WinaXe is compatible with all Windows platforms from 9.x to XP and it works as well with any Linux distribution and any UNIX version that has X Window System installed.

We recommend to view each tutorial  first in default "Auto Play"-mode and thereafter step by step with the help of navigation controls.

Current tutorials are related to installation and basic settings. We plan to bring new tutorials in near future. In order to do so we would love to get your feedback regarding current tutorials and suggestions for new ones. If you have time please email us your comments and ideas.

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