Use XWindows via SSH ( Secure Shell )

Use XWindows via SSH ( Secure Shell )


WinaXe Plus
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Linux for Windows

Download Service Pack for WinaXe Plus. Includes SSH-2 Client (Beta)
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Linux on Windows


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Different ways to run your PC X Server

Six startup methods
  • XDM Control Protocol
  • REXEC Protocol
  • RSH Protocol
  • Telnet terminal emulators
  • SSH
  • RLOGIN protocol
Alternative ways to run X clients
  • Multiple window mode
  • Single window mode
  • Full screen mode
Choose your window manager and desktop
  • Microsoft Windows (multiple window mode)
  • Host based TWM, FVWM, Motif, Open Look etc. (single&full screen mode)
  • You can use remote window manager in multiple window mode
  • Desktops like CDE and KDE
  • 2 and 3 button mouse support and a wheel-mouse support
  • Virtual screen support
  • Supports 34 international keyboards, you may also change keyboard definition locally
  • Name server support
  • Network server installation
  • Supports all popular network adapters
  • Coexistence TCP/IP with popular network software
  • Windows sockets API support
  • Copy and paste text and graphics between MS Windows and X Windows
  • Enhanced startup: presenting startup files as icons
  • Font compiler (MS Windows fonts --> .snf)
  • MS Windows Font support (using Windows fonts in XSession)
  • Host access check
  • GLX-extension
  • New EditMacro Facility added to the XServers Control Menu
  • Xinput extensions
  • XTEST extension
  • Xwpeg Utility for Multi User Maintenance
  • XDK (X11 Development Kit): X11 environment (includes files and API libraries) is now implemented. The XLib, Xt, Xaw and OpenMotif-2.2.2 are now supported



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