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Frequently Asked Questions
How to make font size like 24 pixel? How to add fonts?

You can add necessary fonts in the font directory of WinaXe or use the font server.

You have a few ways to add fonts to WinaXe:

A: connect any remote FontServer which provide necessary fonts (we think that your remote machine may have this daemon running); You can simply run the "XSettings" facility, press the "FontPath" button and directly add the necessary Font Server by using the "Font directory" box.

By using the "Font Path" button you can also specify into the "Font directory" box not only the Font Path, but also the Font Server, which you want to use .

The Font Path is an ordered list of Font Source. A Font Source may be:
A Font Directory located only(!) on the local PC, a reference to Font Server, a Pseudo Fonts Directory located only(!) on the local PC.

The Font Path is used by the XServer on X client's requests for any font. The XServer searches the font according to the order of font sources till the first matching occurs.

Font servers are defined in the X11 R6 release of the X Window System. Instead of forcing the WinaXe's X server to read all fonts from your PC file system, the X FontServer Protocol makes it possible to manage fonts separately from the X server, directing the X server to request fonts from a font server via this new X Consortium standard network protocol. In addition, for fonts which take a long time to open, this allows the X server to continue with other clients while the font server services the font requests.

You can enter a "Font Server" description into the "Font directory" box in the following format:
tcp/name: port' [/catalogue+catalogue+]

name - is the network name or IP address of the machine running the font server.

port - is the remote port on which the font server is listening. This is usually 7000, but check with your system administrator.

catalogue - is an optional list of the font catalogue(s) you want to use. If more than one catalogue is specified, separate each name with a plus sign (+).

For example, the following specifies a font server called fsHost on port 7000:

More than one font server may be in the Font Path.

B: copy from anywhere the necessary fonts (only ".snf"- or ".pcf"-files) on your PC and add their directory to the Xserver FontPath; You can simply run the "XSettings" facility, press the "FontPath" button and (using "Browse") directly select and add the necessary fonts directory. You must remember, that .pcf and .snf files must be uncompressed, because compression files cannot be accessed from our Xserver.

C: use WinaXe PSEUDO fonts feature to emulate X-fonts from EXISTING Windows national fonts.

D: create the aliases for the absent fonts to substitute them with the existing fonts and add their directory to the Xserver FontPath. For example - the "sun-fontspecific" fonts might be substituted with "adobe-fontspecific".

Of course, the first ( or second ) way is preferred

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