Get Linux Under Windows - Install WinaXe

Get Linux Under Windows - Install WinaXe


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Linux for Windows

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3. Choose Destination Location

Here you can specify or choose the directory (folder) where the package will be installed in.

  • To install to the specified directory, click Next.
  • To install to a different directory, click Browse and select another directory (folder).
  • You can choose not to install the package by clicking Cancel to exit Setup.
  • If the directory (folder) specified for installation does not exist, the Setup program can create it.


4. Setup Type

You can choose what components of the package Setup will install.

  • Typical
    Program will be installed with the most common options (without 100DPI and GOST font sets).
  • Compact
    Program will be installed with minimum required options (without font sets and on-line help-files).
  • Custom
    You can choose the options as you wish.


For the Custom type of installation, the Select Components dialog box will appear on your display. Select the components that you wish to install. If the check box is unchecked, that component will not be installed. Click Next to continue the installation. The components you can choose are as follows:

  • Application Program Files
  • Miscellaneous Data Files
  • MISC fonts set
  • 75DPI fonts set
  • 100DPI fonts set
  • HP fonts set
  • On-line Help Files
  • Program Folder and Icons


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