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Linux for Windows

Did you know that you can get Linux for your MS Windows PC without installing Linux on the PC at all. With WinaXe PC X server this is possible. All you need is network connection to any Linux (or Unix) host that has X Window System ( X11 ) installed.
By using WinaXe you get your familiar Linux desktop ( CDE, KDE Gnome and all others ) right there on your Windows screen, simultaneously with the Windows applications. You can use your favourite Linux x clients just like you were in front of your Linux box, no difference in functions or performance.
Actually you can do more as you can copy and paste text and graphics between Windows and Linux applications.

Easy to Install Xserver

To get started, you execute an easy installation procedure by answering a few questions. After that WinaXe installs all the software and protocols you need to get going. WinaXe does not need fancy hardware, your existing standard 32-bit PC is enough. Any networked 386, 486 or Pentium PC can become a WinaXe terminal in minutes.


SSH and X Window System

SSH is the industry standard for remote logins. WinaXe Plus version has an integrated SSH client. This SSH client includes full support for X-protocol connection forwarding, meaning that you can use your Linux applications on Windows without sacrificing network security or any of existing Linux/Windows functionality.

XWindows Download

If you wish to try Linux on Windows just go to download section and download free x server - WinaXe. You can use evaluation copy for unlimited number of days without any functional limitations.
Only restriction is that you need to restart WinaXe after each 30-minutes session. When you are ready with tests, you can remove 30-minutes-per-run limitation by ordering x server license through our web-shop. More information on our x server and other network products is available at

  LabF - The Producer of WinaXe - The PC X Server for Windows   This document answers following Linux-for-Windows questions:
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