Is WinaXe a Linux Emulator for Windows ?

Q: Is WinaXe a Linux Emulator for Windows ?

A: You may use it like a Linux Emulator, but it is actually a PC X Server.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I want to connect to a XWindows machine that is behind a firewall. This machine as XDM running. What ports do I need to enable in the firewall to support the XServer/XDM connection?

For information we send you the list of used WinaXe ports:

Local PC Remote Host Comments
6000 >1024 X Server
515 >1024 LPD
111, 2049 >1024 NFS-Server
>1024 177 X Server/XDMCP
>1024 23 Telnet
>1024 20, 21 FTP
>1024 514 RSH
>1024 512 REXEC
>1024 69 TFTP
>1024 7000/7100 Font Server

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