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Frequently Asked Questions
I am beginner with Unix. I started WinaXe, but all I can see is just a start up screen, then nothing. How to start X clients?

To start xclients available at your UNIX host, do the following steps.

1. Double click xsession icon. It gives you message screen and then it disappears to toolbar. This kind of means that WinaXe is ready.

2. Then double click telnet icon. After you have done that, give your host details and port and hit the enter.

3. Give your login and password.

4. Now you have Telnet connection to your UNIX host. Now you need to open your first xclients. If you want to open for example xterm, it goes like this:

Give command: xterm -display xxx.xx.x.xx:0.0&

Of course you need to replace x:s with your IP number. If you don't know your IP number, then please check it from WinaXe (click xsession at toolbar with right mouse button and choose messages).

5. You will get your first xterm available and you can open any other xclient available too. Please ask help for your system administrator.

Please notice that this is the most traditional way to open xclients. In WinaXe there is possibility to build "macros" and also icons to open xclients automatically just by clicking the icon.

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