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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I use startup scripts? I can find file, but it doesn't start!

You can enter the information required to start an X client into the Startup window. Once you have done this, you can execute the entered command or run the startup file. In order to terminate the Startup program, click on the Exit button. A startup file consists of a sequence of executable commands on the host. The typical purpose of the file is to start a number of X clients on the host. Use your text editor to create the file in the WinaXe's home directory. All startup files have to have the .SU extension.

Your startup files can be displayed, when you click on the scroll arrow beside the "Command File:" field. The Command box lets you enter information required to execute a command on a host, or to run a local startup file that will automatically start one or more Xclients. In order to execute the instructions in any startup file, select the name of the file you want to run, enter into the Command field the @ and press the Execute button. Another way of specifying a startup file is to enter into the Command field the file name preceded by the @ sign, for example @mystartup.

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